Ambit Energy New York

March 9, 2010 by Ambit Energy 

Ambit Energy Provider New York

Ambit Energy New York natural gas service opened their doors in 2007. Ambit Energy originated in Texas in 2006, providing electricity service and expanded in 2007 in New York by providing natural gas services. Ambit further expanded in 2008 by providing natuaral gas services in Illinois. Ambit Energy’s patent pending proprietary energy buying systems have led to more efficient energy buying and selling. This practice helps to keep the prices of energy lower than the competition. Ambit has also partnered with the largest energy supplier in the world. This partnership helps ensure stability as Ambit Energy continues to flourish.

Ambit Energy New York Provides The Power to Save

Ambit Energy is committed to saving New York customers money on their natural gas bill. Ambit is so sure that they will save you money that they guarantee annual savings over the incumbent or they will pay their customers the difference. Ambit puts their customers first. Ambit does not charge a fee to switch services and the billing is still managed by the incumbent company so nothing really changes for the customer… other than saving the customer money!

Ambit Energy New York natural gas service is dispersed via a network of independent consultants and by word of mouth advertising from current, satisfied customers. New Ambit customers develop a personal relationship with the friend or family member who referred them to Ambit. Most new customers enjoy having a one-on-one relationship with their independent consultant instead of having to muddle thorough extended voice prompts or extensive hold times you tend to experience with a big energy company.

Customers who refer others are rewarded with free trips like cruises or Mexican resort vacations and Independent Consultants can earn generous monthly commissions and bonuses. Not only does Ambit Energy want to obtain your business, they want to keep your business and go to great lengths to keep their customers happy.

Ambit Energy New York Natural Gas Service

Ambit Energy New York natural gas service saves their customers money and offers insentive programs that allows them earn free travel. There are no fees to switch your service to Ambit and as a special gift, new Ambit customers get a 3 day / 2 night hotel stay at a location of their choosing just for switching to Ambit Energy. Ambit also offers a healthy referral program. For every 5 new customers you refer to Ambit you can earn free trips like a Mexican resort vacation or a cruise. You can learn more about the referral program at Ambit Energy New York customers also earn rewards points every month. Points can be redeemed for free vacations as well! If you are outside the Ambit Energy New York natural gas service area, contact us and we will let you know when Ambit expands their service region.

Ambit Energy New York The Power to Earn

Ambit Energy New York offers you the opportunity to earn extra money and in some cases become financially independent by becoming an Independent Consultant. In New York, customers are guaranteed to save money over the incumbent and earn free travel. If you want to earn money while helping others save money, watch the videos on the home page and utilize the links on the right to learn more. If you decide that becoming an Independent Consultant is right for you, let us know and we will help you get your new business started. Remember, everyone needs energy on a daily basis and who doesn’t want to save money on something they absolutely have to have? Even if you live outside of New York, Illinois and Texas, we can get you started in a profitable business regardless of where you live.


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