Save $$$ on Electricity

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill Now With Ambit Energy

I did and I have never looked back.

Ambit Energy provides an essential, reliable option for your energy needs. Ambit promises to provide you with outstanding savings, incredible rewards , excellent service and competitive market rates on energy supply. Your incumbent provider will still handle energy delivery and repair power outages just like they always have.

Benefits of Switching to Ambit Energy

Service Guarantee with Low Electricity

Ambit energy is so certain your transition to Ambit Energy service will be flawless that they’re willing to guarantee it. If, for any reason, Ambit Energy disconnects your service during the switching process, Ambit pays your first month’s bill. No questions asked.

Rewards Program

Ambit customers also receive a free travel gift and earn Travel Rewards Points every month, which can be redeemed for even more exciting travel packages.

Referral Program

As an Ambit Energy customer, you can reduce or eliminate the amount of payment due on your bill every month simply by referring people you know to use our service.