Switching Energy Providers FAQ

March 9, 2010 by Ambit Energy 

Frequently Asked Questions about Switching Energy Providers

Here is some information I wanted to share with you. The way consumers choose energy providers is changing, and I understand that important choices like these can sometimes be confusing. I want Ambit to be an easy choice for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I have personally received from people like you who are considering choosing Ambit.

What has changed in electric and natural gas service with deregulation?
You can now choose to buy residential energy from a different supplier than the original provider for your area. These companies are called Retail Electric Providers (REP) in Texas, Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in New York, and Alternative Gas Suppliers (AGS) in Illinois.

How does Ambit Energy reduce my monthly bills?
Deregulation allows REPs, ESCOs, and AGSs – like Ambit Energy – to buy energy wholesale from competitive providers and pass the savings along to customers.

If I switch, where will my energy come from?
Your current electric utility or Local Wires Company will continue to deliver your electricity. Your power will come from a regional power pool that includes energy from traditional power plants and other sources like wind, water, sun and natural gas. Your Local Distribution Company will continue to deliver your natural gas.

Will the reliability of my residential energy service change with deregulation?
No. No matter which retail supplier you choose, power will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by a company still regulated by the utility commission or agency of your state.

What happens if I have an emergency or outage?
Because your local utility is still responsible for maintenance and repair, you will call these regulated firms in the event of an emergency or outage at the number provided on your bill.

Does everyone have the option to choose their energy supplier?
No. City-owned utilities and member-owned electric and/or natural gas cooperatives have the option of giving their customers a choice of providers, or keeping things the way they are today.

What happens if my Retail Electric Provider (REP), Energy Service Company (ESCO) or Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS) goes out of business?
You will not be without energy. You should receive a notice from your retail provider giving you time to select a new provider. If not, your service will revert to your previous provider or a provider designated by the state utilities agency. Rest assured, Ambit Energy is financially solid and in no danger of going out of business.


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